Sales & Marketing Operations keep your teams selling & drives results! Ask me how to set yours up.

Marketing Operations Support …

Make sure your marketing team has the support it needs to keep your sales team bringing in the business. Ensure the marketing strategy can be executed with effective demand generation, digital marketing and events to drive Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) for your sales team. In addition to managing the brand and providing the supporting materials, PR, events and collateral required to be successful.

Marketing Operations is a support service that supports your marketing team in achieving their marketing goals.

Sales Operations Support …

Sales teams need expert support on tap. A good Sales Operations team captures, validates and assigns leads, generates estimates and proposals, follows up on opportunities and ensures the sales team have what they need while they are working face to face with their prospects and customers in the field.

Sales Operations is a support service that supports your sales team and keeps them moving while they sell.

Sales Management Support …

Your Sales & Marketing Operations team makes sales management easy. Daily sales calls, weekly sales team meetings and monthly reviews are scheduled, prepared, executed and followed up seamlessly with objective data points automatically generated (from tools like salesforce.com) that drive reports, analytics and dashboards. Add formal scheduled management and team meetings you now have a basis for managing performance against the strategy.

Sales Training & Deal Coaching …

With over 25 years of training and training management experience for companies large and small I bring a perspective based on experience that just works at a practical level.

My focus is on how to help sales teams and their managers follow the sales process, using their sales methodology (whatever works for you), using yours sales tools (like salesforce.com) to achieve their sales goals.

Specifically my focus centers around your needs in the following areas:

  • Sales Process
  • Sales Tools (salesforce.com)
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Operations
  • Deal Coaching

I can consult on how to add role based skills training, and growing your internal capabilities which in turn enables more business results faster.

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